Compact, light and flexible

At the Annual Meeting Plafond en Wand (Ceiling and Wall) in The Netherlands, visitors were able to  get acquainted with the Crawler,  a device that makes it possible to safely move a room-scaffold while standing on it. In April of this  year, a compact, light and flexible alternative enters the market: The ScaffMover. already gave a demonstration of the first prototype.
The ScaffMover has some similarities to a large remote control car. However, the difference being moving on and inside scaffold. When standing on the inside scaffold, one can, with the help of a remote, move forward, back, left and right. The short demonstration on  showed a slightly shocked movement in the prototype. ‘This problem has been corrected with the introduction of the second version of the device, assures Olaf Haarmans, commercial director of System Flex BV. Sidney Haarmans, Olafs younger brother, invented the device. As he explained, ‘The Scaff Mover is named after the English word for movable scaffolding’. A word that doesn’t really have a commercial sound, that’s why they decided to shorten it to Scaff.


Moving a scaffold while having a person standing on it is not allowed. When detected, this person can receive a € 4.500,00 penalty by the inspector of social affairs (in the Netherlands). In practice  removing the scaffolding from its breaks,  moving it and rebraking has proven  unsafe.  The prior alternative was to repeatedly climb the scaffholder on and on. A process that often frustrated and next to that caused a lot of delay. Furthermore there are increased risks of sprained joints.  Now, a new alternative is entering the market. Why not doing the process of release, move, reassemble, in a entirely save and allowed method, while still standing on the Scaff Mover, Sidney Haarmans, CEO of System Flex thought. Whilst researching of the possibilities for this idea, he came across the Crawler (the first device with this intention on the Dutch market).  Sidney wanted a product that is more compact, lighter and above all  able to move with more flexible. The answer to this is the ScaffMover.


The entire process, from design to production of the first prototype, took almost a year. Olaf declares “The result of these hard hours of work is a compact device with a low weight (40 pounds), a weight that is only a fraction of the weight of other devise (for example the Crawler).” This lighter weight product makes it possible to be lifted by one person. Furthermore, the compact size, 40 cm (L) x 40 cm (W) x 38 cm (H), makes it possible for the ScaffMover to be easily fitted in
a –usually crowded- van. The Scaff Mover can completely turn on its own axis, but remains in its own radius. As mentioned before, the device handles the brakes itself, so no need to secure and remove the breaks .
In December the second prototype of the ScaffMover was released. In comparison to the first prototype, this version was definitely an improved version of its predecessor. The first difference is, as mentioned before, the absence of the slight shocks when moving, those are prevented by adding a so-called soft starter to the device. Another improvement is an additional speed-setting, where as in the first prototype only one setting was available, this changed with the release of the second prototype, now there is a slow and a fast speed. Furthermore, there is a killswitch and an accu-indicator. The first the ScaffMover had a battery that was build-in to the device, this is replaced by a removable battery. One with a  four hour capacity. The last change is the replacement of the tracks with non-marking tracks to ensure the absence of black marks on the floor.

User manual

The most important requirement that enables companies to use the ScaffMover, is that the supplier of the scaffoldings adjust their manual of their product. As Sidney Haarmans explains “The manual should acknowledge the fact that it is allowed to use the Scaff mover. The ASC has approved this adjustment”. “That is quite the boost”, Haarmans said satisfied.
The commercial director of System Flex BV emphasized that his company – even though it is responsible for the development  of the ScaffMover- will be not be responsible for supplying the new device. “Our main business is supplying modular walls and ceilings, and we will continue to do so. The Scaff Mover has its own company that will be responsible for sales and distribution. This organization will be a sister company of System Flex B.V, however it  will be able to place pre-orders at System Flex B.V.’
In comparison to the fares that are given by the inspector of Social Affairs, the ScaffMover has a good price”. Haarmans is sure that there is a bright future in sight for the ScaffMover, there is definitely potential in the Netherlands, Europe and even in America. The ScaffMover will have its big premiere at the biggest construction fair of America, which will take place in Las vegas (The NHAB International builders show , 01-20-2015  till 1-22-2015). The device is available at April 2015, however pre-orders can be placed here and this pre-order sale will begin at 1-15-2015.